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Meet the Dell EMC Partner Program Leaders: Jay Snyder

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Meet the Program Leaders

This series provides insight into what drives Dell EMC channel executives. Missed the other posts in the series? Get to know them now: John Byrne (Dell EMC President of Global Channels);  Michael Collins (Dell EMC Senior Vice President, Channel, EMEA); Ng Tian Beng (Dell EMC Senior Vice President, APJ Channels); Joyce Mullen (Dell EMC Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global OEM and IoT Solutions); Jim DeFoe (Dell EMC Senior Vice President, Global Distribution); Gregg Ambulos (Dell EMC Senior Vice President, North American Channels).

Meet Jay Snyder – Senior Vice President, Global Alliances, Service Providers and Industries

What is your current role/area of responsibility?

I have the pleasure to lead more than 400 women and men in the Global Alliances, Service Provider and Industries organization here at Dell EMC.

Our Global Alliance partners include Systems Integrators (SI), Strategic Outsourcers (SO) and Cloud Service Providers (CSP). These partners help us reach customers that we might not otherwise engage thanks to their deep expertise in a particular topic or industry and deliver enhanced value to our customers as they progress on their transformational journeys.

For industries, our focus is to provide subject matter expertise; both functional and technical, that marry our platforms with unique use cases within specific industries. We made our name in Healthcare, State and Local and Energy and are currently expanding into Manufacturing, Financial Services and beyond. We bring all this together in a structured set of offers, often by industry, that are taken to market by our SI, SO and CSPs.

What most excites you about the Dell EMC Partner Program?

What’s most exciting to me is that we created the Dell EMC Partner Program from scratch.

Our leadership team has decades upon decades of experience in the channel, and we leveraged that to create a brand new program that I think is phenomenal. We met with dozens of partners, from both the EMC and Dell side, as well as from the reseller, SI, SO, CSP, OEM and distributor spaces to understand what would work best.

As it turned out, different partner types had different requirements, so we created different tracks for those types to deliver a great experience.  But, we are all under one umbrella that has a similar look and feel, and most importantly set of opportunities for partners to accelerate with us in the market.

For me, each year I’m most proud of the organization when I get to step on stage at Global Partner Summit at Dell EMC World. This year is no exception. I’m extremely excited to talk to our partners in just a few short weeks and talk to them about how the new program is working for them. At the same time, I will be seeking feedback on ways to continually improve the program because this really is just the beginning, which is very … exciting!

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for Dell EMC partners in 2017?

Our Alliance partners are truly an extension of the Dell EMC family. They each bring a unique area of expertise to the table that enables us to reach customers and solve problems together. In other words, our partners enable us to provide business context and thus deliver business outcomes.

Just think about the major focus of Dell EMC in FY‘18. It’s centered around the four major transformation plays that we’re seeing in the industry: workforce, security, IT and digital. We simply cannot deliver true transformation without the capabilities of our partner ecosystem. They make our platforms come alive through this business context, and for me, this aligns with the massive opportunity like never before. Combine this with the broadened portfolio, with offers from the edge to the core, and you might say the opportunity is almost limitless.

Do you have a favorite country, place or city to visit; and why?

I travel often, several hundred thousand miles a year for work, so there are really two parts to this answer.

To avoid planes and trains, and simply get away to one of the most beautiful and fun filled place on the planet, it’s Lake Tahoe. Only a 2-1/2 hour drive from where I live, to me Tahoe is heaven on earth. The air, the scenery, the ability to hike, kayak, bike, fish, horseback and so on … Not to mention, the cell coverage is terrible.

The second part of the answer is anywhere in EMEA.

Our family loves to travel; we really enjoy architecture, history, food and wine. The uniqueness from country to country in EMEA is truly special, and we still have so much to ground to cover. But if you pushed me, what I’d really have to say is Antibes, France on the southeastern coast. One day, I’d love to rent a flat, walk to the market each day for fresh breads, meats and cheese, and run along the ocean. And, no cell phone coverage.

What do you do for fun outside of Dell EMC?

Like everyone at Dell EMC, my work is demanding and requires lots of hours. My time outside the office is focused on family. I experience great pleasure in attending sporting events for my three kids, who participate in track, tennis, lacrosse, baseball and soccer. When we have free time, we love to be outdoors. Hiking, biking and taking our Labradoodle puppy, Murphy, to exciting new places and watch him run. As a family, we also like to give back to community, and look for opportunities as a family such as participating in urban farming and helping out at food kitchens.

My wife and I love to enjoy great food and wine. Living in the Bay Area, we are blessed with no shortage of phenomenal restaurants and wineries, which we try to take advantage of regularly. We also have a large garden; and it doesn’t hurt that my wife is loves to cook, and is always wowing us. (I’m in charge of the wine pairing.)

And finally, I’m a concert junkie. I love to go to live shows, especially in unique venues, which we have plenty of in the Bay. Coming up in the next three months I’ll be seeing Bishop Briggs, Kaleo, U2, Mumford Sons, OneRepublic, Midnight Oil, Judah and the Lion, BottleRock music festival and I’m working on Bastille.

Jay Snyder alliances

Jay Snyder and his wife Stephanie hiking the Marin Headlands

Follow Jay Snyder on Twitter: @JayBOD3.

Extraordinary Dell EMC Partner Program Global Alliance Partner Tracks

Jay Snyder

Jay Snyder

Dell EMC Senior Vice President, Global Alliances, Service Providers and Industries
Jay Snyder

Global Alliance PartnersAs the head of our Global Alliances, Service Provider and Industries team, I’m often asked, “What is a Global Alliance partner?” For Dell EMC, this includes our Systems Integrators (SI), Strategic Outsourcers (SO) and Cloud Service Providers (CSP)— all of which are vital to our business … They help us reach customers that we might not otherwise engage, thanks to their deep expertise in a particular area like video surveillance or within an industry like healthcare.

Dell EMC Partner Program Global Alliance Partner Tracks

So, as we set out to launch the new Dell EMC Partner Program, we knew it was critical that we carve out specific tracks for our Systems Integrators and another for our Cloud Service Providers and Strategic Outsourcers. Throughout the process, my team and I worked closely with John Byrne, President of Global Channels at Dell EMC, and his entire organization to create these partner tracks … Tracks which we believe, to use his words, are truly extraordinary.

It’s not every day that you get to create a program for your partners from a clean slate. I believe we have some of the most talented people at Dell EMC, with decades of experience behind them; and they took the challenge of creating an enviable program to heart. And boy did they deliver. They talked to partner after partner, analyzed program options under a microscope and created two amazing Global Alliance tracks in the Dell EMC Partner Program. Let’s take a look at them.

Cloud Service Provider & Strategic Outsourcer Track

Like all of the tracks within the Program, we designed the new CSP/SO track to be Simple. Predictable. Profitable.™

  • Simple: We created tools, training and technical resources to make it easy to understand the program and our business.
  • Predictable: Our partners will clearly know what is expected of each tier, where they stand and how much money they’re making.
  • Profitable: CSPs and SOs will have access to competitive Business Development Funds (BDF), Dell Financial Services and all of the resources they need to drive success and grow their businesses.

Systems Integrator Track

We realize that our SI partners are unique, and as such, we designed their track to be customizable based on the partner’s needs. All of our SI partners will have a menu of options available to them where they can pick and choose what features best suit their business model. From trainings to marketing tools and engineering resources, the program was built with our partner’s success in mind. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about helping our partners succeed. When they win, we all win.

We will continue to work closely with our partners to better understand what they need. And we will continue to refine and enhance the programs to drive joint business and meet our joint customers’ needs.

This is simply the beginning, and I’m excited about our future together.

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