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Modernize, Automate, and Transform with EMC at VMworld 2016

Connie Hastings

Connie Hastings

Director, Technology Alliances
Connie Hastings
Connie Hastings

Latest posts by Connie Hastings (see all)

EMC is a proud Global Diamond sponsor of VMworld 2016, which will be held August 28 – September 1 in Las Vegas. VMworld, hosted annually by VMware, is the virtualization industry’s top event.

VMWorld 2016

This year’s conference will include general sessions with VMware executives Pat Gelsinger, Sanjay Poonan, and Ray O’Farrell around trends that matter most to IT professionals. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to attend technical breakout sessions, group discussions, and expert panels.

VMworld 2016 by the numbers …

  • 400+ unique breakout sessions from VMware and its community of partners and customers
  • 225+ VMworld 2016 sponsors and exhibitors
  • 23,000+ expected conference attendees

Additionally, VMware’s annual will take place on Saturday, August 27, and Sunday, August 28. Saturday will showcase partner boot camps. On Sunday, VMware executives will present during the Partner Exchange general session keynote.

EMC and the Modern Data Center at VMworld 2016

Our theme for VMworld 2016, Modern Data Center, addresses the critical need for a modern data center in today’s rapidly transforming digital environment. In order to transform into—and succeed as—a digital business, an organization must modernize, automate, and transform IT. Experts will be on hand at VMworld to discuss EMC leadership and innovation in flash, converged systems, cloud, modern analytics, and data protection.

VMworld Modernize

Earlier this week, EMC announced a number of solutions in advance of VMworld 2016:

EMC is everywhere at VMworld 2016

Visit EMC at booth #1223 for:

  • Dozens of theater sessions—including many from customers such as Rent-a-Center, Energy Future Holdings, and Prescient Edge
  • A genius bar and conversation stations, designed to help drive our message of leadership in converged systems, all-flash storage, hybrid cloud, cloud native, data protection, and modern analytics

EMC is featured in 21 VMworld 2016 sessions that cover topics from data protection and converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, to automating unikernels.

Chad Sakac (@sakacc) will present a “face-melting” smorgasbord of technical goodies on Tuesday (1:00 – 2:00 p.m., Islander B, Level 1). He’ll also host a meet-up in the EMC booth (#1223) following his session (2:30 – 3:30 p.m.).

You’ll also find VxRail in action across the show floor.  And, be sure to stop by the HCI Zone to see the VxRail appliance on display and to learn how customers are use VxRail today.  Click here for a preview of what to expect VxRail at VMworld 2016 from Jason Marques (@vWhipperSnapper).

Be sure to experience expert and self-paced labs in the VMworld 2016 Hands-on-Lab area.

Here, you’ll find EMC labs on:

  • VxRail
  • Unity/vVols
  • RSA Security/vSphere

And, don’t forget—all of VMware’s hands-on labs are powered by EMC XtremIO!

Look for EMC in theCUBE, where Chad Sakac, Gil Shneorson, Peter Cutts, and Bob Wambach will discuss happenings in the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division, including our recent Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and Native Hybrid Cloud announcements.

There are plenty of social activities planned for the week, and EMC is once again sponsoring the charity vOdgeball event in support of Wounded Warrior Project. Stop by on Sunday to cheer on the teams and catch up with old friends.

For more information on all of the activities mentioned above, visit The Everything VMware at EMC community page.

Hope to see you at VMworld 2016!


What Every EMC Partner Should Know About the 2016 Global Data Protection Index

Kristine Cornwall

Kristine Cornwall

Director of Channel Marketing
Kristine Cornwall

Last month EMC published the results of its second Global Data Protection Index (GDPI), a survey conducted by an independent research firm of 2,200 IT decision makers in 18 countries about their data protection infrastructures, security breaches, and purchasing habits.

The findings of the GDPI are illuminating, perhaps even shocking


Most significantly, businesses experienced more data loss or disruption than when we conducted the survey two years ago.

This can be primarily attributed to two things:

  1. Public cloud storage is being used increasingly for a variety of business applications – over ¼ of company data is in the public cloud – creating more risk and exposure. And fewer than half of the companies surveyed believed their data in the cloud was protected.
  2. New threats, like cyber-attacks, have emerged and become prevalent. Over 1/3 of respondents reported internal or external security breaches.

Additionally, the GDPI found that approaching data protection through multiple vendors increases cost and risk—and more than half of companies surveyed relied on more than two vendors.

The GDPI presents an opportunity for you to be your customers’ data protection champion

These findings point to the need for a comprehensive, single vendor data protection strategy. And they uncover a significant opportunity for you to help customers dramatically improve their current data protection preparedness.

Did you know? Less than one-fifth of companies surveyed believe the solutions they have in place today are sufficient!

Modernizing data protection means considering a continuum of technologies to meet all business needs as well evolving data protection for new demands and new threats. With technologies spanning the entire data protection spectrum from continuous availability to archiving, EMC can help you deliver solutions to protect data no matter where it lives.

Take steps to help customers evaluate and modernize their data protection

  1. Familiarize yourself with the 2016 GDPI results. Download the full report and share with your customers. Use the survey findings to begin probing with some key questions: Have you been hit by ransomware yet? How are you currently handling long-term retention and legal holds, do you use tape today? Do you have any automation/orchestration plans for your business?
  2. Make sure you understand and can convey EMC’s data protection vision. An excellent place to start is by watching the Data Protection for the Modern Data Center partner webcast.
  3. Get ready to drive demand. A refreshed Data Protection campaign will be available in the Partner Campaign Playbook It will highlight the benefits of Data Domain with Data Protection Suite, and will use the 2016 GDPI as a key call to action. Keep an eye out for further communication.

Being able to provide data protection everywhere is fundamental to helping companies accelerate their transition to the modern data center, and ultimately to affirmatively answer the question “Is your data protected?”

3 Ways EMC Makes it Easier for You to Sell Data Protection Everywhere

Catherine DiBona

Catherine DiBona

Data Protection Partner Marketing Manager
Catherine DiBona

Latest posts by Catherine DiBona (see all)

Customers cannot afford to protect data the same way they used to. And, while they may recognize that the data protection landscape is evolving, many do not realize that all of their data must be safeguarded … No matter where it lives. Or, if they do understand, then they’re not sure how to actually move forward with the protection transformation while keeping costs down.

Help your customers change how they protect their data

Enable your customers to build a solid foundation for their modern data centers with new EMC data protection solutions and resources, including:

  • Cost-effective new offerings
  • Enhancements to our existing portfolio
  • Simple sales tools

… All of which can help you deliver—and win more opportunities with—the Data Protection Everywhere message.

1.  Unparalleled Efficiency for Tiering Protection Storage to the Cloud

While many customers are currently moving backup data to the cloud because of the perceived cost benefits, the public cloud contains a number of hidden costs that can add up quickly.

Users are charged for not only every GB sent, but also every GB retrieved. So, it is critical to minimize the amount of data being stored in and sent to/from the cloud.

Data Domain provides the most cost-effective long-term retention in the cloud through industry leading deduplication efficiency, and enables an average of 10 – 30x reduction in storage requirements

To help customers simplify and automate their path to the cloud, Data Domain has introduced new cloud capabilities with Data Domain Cloud Tier.

Data Domain Cloud Tier:

  • Is the ONLY protection storage to natively tier deduplicated data to the cloud
  • Ensures that only unique data is sent and data lands on the cloud object storage already deduplicated
  • Provides best-of-breed technology that allows businesses to gain the advantages of cloud while lowering overall TCO

Protecting more data in a smaller footprint greatly reduces overall TCO and as more data is sent, cost savings will continue to increase over time

Protection with Data Domain Cloud Tier

Data Domain Cloud Tier will require a separate software license and will be available to order in Q3 of 2016. Pricing details will be communicated at that time.

2.  New EMC Data Protection Software Offerings and Additional Major Enhancements

EMC further ensures Data Protection Everywhere for the modern data center with new Data Protection Suite offerings—Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Data Protection Suite for Applications—as well as with enhancements to our data protection software portfolio.

This expanded portfolio of the industry’s best software provides enhanced performance, automation, simplification, and cloud enablement with focus on protecting all data … No matter where it lives.

EMC Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition:

  • Is the most comprehensive offering within the Data Protection Suite Family, protecting data using technologies from replication to snapshot to backup and archive
  • Includes Avamar, NetWorker, Data Protection Advisor, ProtectPoint, DD Boost for Enterprise Apps, RecoverPoint for VMs, AppSync, and SourceOne

EMC Data Protection Suite for Applications:

  • Provides unparalleled efficiency to meet stringent SLAs on mission critical applications
  • Includes ProtectPoint, DD Boost for Enterprise Apps, and Data Protection Advisor

Enhancements to Data Protection Suite for VMware:

  • Simplify the deployment while offering a software-only solution for small and mid-size VMware customers that are nearly 100% virtualized
  • Includes Avamar Virtual Edition; and is intended to be sold into new or existing Data Domain Virtual Edition environments
  • Continues to be sold exclusively through EMC Partners

Data Protection Suite Enhancements

New and updated content to support these enhancements can be found within the product specific partner enablement centers on the Partner Portal.

3.  2016 Partner Sales Plays

If you’re not sure where to begin with the Data Protection Everywhere message, watch for to these 2016 EMC Partner Sales Plays:

  • How Suite It Is
  • Refresh to Renew
  • Protection in the Cloud
  • Data Protection for Converged Infrastructure

Each play includes its own set of documentation that was designed specifically to help EMC Partners sell.

2016 EMC Partner Sales Plays will be available soon; and will include Quick Selling Guides, Call Scripts, Emails, and other helpful collateral to help you show your customers how easy and cost effective it is for them to achieve Data Protection Everywhere. Download the EMC Partner News app to be among the first to know when 2016 EMC Partner Sales Plays are available.

Get started now:


How Many of Your Customers Can Afford to Miss Protection SLAs?

Alyanna Ilyadis

Alyanna Ilyadis

DPAD Product Marketing Manager
Alyanna Ilyadis

Latest posts by Alyanna Ilyadis (see all)

We know you have only one answer to that question… No customer can afford to miss strict protection service-level agreements (SLAs) on mission critical applications. Missed SLAs—including Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO, RTO)—can negatively affect application performance and even revenue. In this always-on age, the impact traditional backup has on application performance is unacceptable.

Show your customers how EMC ProtectPoint delivers 20x faster backup for critical workloads

 Protection Backup with ProtectPoint

EMC ProtectPoint provides your customers with a data protection solution that combines the simple recovery and cost-effective retention of traditional backup with the performance and ease of use of snapshots. ProtectPoint is a data protection solution that provides backup directly from EMC VMAX3 or EMC XtremIO to EMC Data Domain protection storage. As highlighted by eWeek, EMC ProtectPoint provides faster, more efficient backup for mission-critical applications while eliminating the impact of backup on application servers.

Customers normally classify databases into different categories in terms of size and criticality to the business. On the high end are large mission critical databases, generally over 10 TB (Terabytes), which cannot afford to be impacted by backup at all. Many customers are forced to use complex workarounds to avoid affecting production. These types of environments are ideal for ProtectPoint, as backup is fundamentally broken and a burden.

These customers need a solution that will protect their mission critical data without compromise, and avoid your application or database all together.

With ProtectPoint your customers can benefit from:

  • Eliminate backup impact on application and database servers
  • Gain up to 20x faster backup to meet stringent protection SLAs
  • Reduce cost and complexity by eliminating traditional backup


Here’s how ProtectPoint works directly with primary storage and Data Domain to backup and restore:

First … there’s a backup agent on the application server, which empowers application owners to control their own backup and recovery. To start a ProtectPoint backup, an application owner triggers a backup at an application-consistent checkpoint. Unlike a traditional backup, the data is then never pulled back through the host – which means there is no impact on the application server.

Then, leveraging change-block tracking technology, ProtectPoint tracks changes since the latest backup to send only unique data directly to EMC Data Domain. During this process, no host resources are used, virtually eliminating performance impact on the database application.

Finally, the Data Domain system ingests and stores those blocks, and uses them to create an independent full backup in native format.

ProtectPoint’s full recovery is just as simple:

To start, the application owner has to trigger the recovery. Then, the primary storage reads the backup image from the Data Domain system and then pulls the appropriate data back over the network. After, the primary storage will replace the appropriate production LUN  (Logical Unit Number) with the recovered copy.

Naturally, ProtectPoint also has the ability to carry out granular recoveries via instant access as well.


ProtectPoint offers application integration at two layers–either the native integration at the application layer or integration at the “file system” layer for applications that aren’t supported natively. ProtectPoint currently natively integrates with three major applications and databases: Oracle (via RMAN), SAP (via BR*Tools) and IBM DB2 (via Advanced Copy Services). A demo of ProtectPoint integration with Oracle can be found here: Link.


ProtectPoint brings together a trio of best-in-class EMC technology from our data protection and primary storage portfolio to provide storage integrated data protection including:

  • Application Agents – enable simple granular recovery by providing application-consistent backup and recovery via native application utilities within Oracle, SAP, and IBM DB2
  • Change Block Tracking Engine –minimizes impact on infrastructure by ensuring only unique data is sent directly from primary storage to Data Domain without impacting the application host
  • Protection Storage – Reduce storage requirements by 10x to 30x and ensure reliable recovery every time with the industry-leading protection storage technology of Data Domain


Don’t let data protection be a bottleneck for your customers’ mission critical workloads.


Show your customers how EMC ProtectPoint can help them meet strict protection SLAs with the performance of a snapshot and the functionality of a backup:

  1. Learn more about EMC ProtectPoint and how it can end your customers’ protection backup bottlenecks.
  2. Share the EMC ProtectPoint webpage and LightBoard video to help initiate successful customer conversations around protection backup.
  3. Access and use the tools and resources available to you within the EMC ProtectPoint Enablement Center on the Partner Portal.

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